ID Cards

If you are an incoming new or transfer student, you can get your new student ID card in person once you are registered for the upcoming term courses. No appointment is needed.


Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm

dzپDz:Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH)Student Services Lounge

Your first ID card is free. Subsequent ID cards and all contractor ID cards are subject to PSU's ID Card Fees. ID Services does not accept payments. All charges for ID cards will be billed to your student account. Only one ID card type (Student OR Faculty/Staff) can be active at a time for any one person. ID Cards are nontransferable and remain the property of 山. Cards are for purposes of identification and transaction of University business only and must be presented upon request by a properly identified University official. Failure to adhere to the above mentioned will result in immediate revocation.

New PSU ID cards printed due to a legal name change are free. You must update your new name(s) with the Registrar's Office before you will be able to get an updated ID with the new name.

Building Access

If you need to be granted additional access to an office or building, students, staff, and faculty should contact their department head. To request access, you must give them the access number on your PSU ID card. ID Services cannot assign access to your card. If your card is not working to access a building, hold it next to a card reader and see if it beeps or the light flashes green. If it beeps or the light flashes green your card is physically working but you have not been granted access to that building. If you think this is an error, contact your department head to request access. If the card reader does not beep, your card is faulty. In this case, visit ID Services and bring valid government issued photo ID to have your card replaced free of charge.

Student ID Cards

Your Student ID Card allows you to access the Rec Center, check out library books, and enter academic buildings. If you live on campus, your PSU ID functions as your entry card for the dorms and your meal ticket for on-campus dining. If you have a parking pass, your ID card grants you access to the parking structure where your vehicle is registered. If you have a bike garage pass, your ID card will grant you access to the bike garage where you are registered. You may get an ID card as long as you have been assigned a PSU ID number and are currently registered for at least one university credit.

To obtain your ID Card, bring valid government issued ID to the ID Services counter in the Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH)Student Services Lounge.

Student ID Card Fees

PSU Student ID Card (first card):FREE

Replacement PSU Student ID Card:$21.00

Expired Cards: All studentPSU ID cards have an expiration date and will expire 6years after they were issued. Expired cards will no longer grant building access.

Faculty/Staff ID Cards

Faculty/Staff ID Cards allow university personnel to access departmental resources and restricted areas, in addition to basic access to buildings and resources. You may get an ID card as long as you are listed as an active faculty/staff member and have been assigned a PSU ID number.

Faculty/Staff ID Card Fees

PSU Faculty/Staff ID Card (first card): FREE

Replacement PSU Faculty/Staff ID Card: $21.00

Emeritus ID Card (first card OR replacement): FREE

New Faculty and Staff

Once Human Resources has authorized issuance of your Faculty/Staff ID, bring a valid government-issued photo ID to ID Services. Issuance of a PSU Faculty/Staff ID requires a PSU ID number. If you work for USGS, OTRADI, the Chancellor’s Office, or another entity with special appointment status, contact 山’s Office of Human Resources to be assigned a PSU ID number and issued an ID Authorization Form. Bring the form to ID Services with your PSU ID number, and valid government-issued photo ID to obtain your card.

Expiration Date Stickers: These stickers will be attached to your PSU Faculty and Staff ID, and cards are not valid without them. Cards without a sticker or with stickers that have expired are revoked of all privileges and access. About a month before your sticker expires, your department head should issue new stickers to all members of your department.

Expired Cards: All staff and faculty PSU ID cards have an expiration date. Faculty/Staff ID cards issued after January 1, 2005 expire 10 years after they were issued. Expired cards will no longer grant building access.

Leaving PSU: Return your PSUID card to ID Services.

Emeriti: To obtain an Emeriti ID card, bring your Emeriti letter signed by the PSU President. There is no charge for initial or replacement Emeriti ID cards, and Emeriti cards do not require a validation sticker.

Contract and Vendor ID Cards

Contractors and other temporary positions requiring campus identification and access will need to have the PSU department they are working with submit a . Once this has been completed and approved, individual contractors must visit the ID Services window in person to get their contractor ID printed.

Cardholders cannot submit their own request. Requests must be completed and submitted by a supervisor or a PSU representative. Once the request is approved by PSU, an email notification will be sent to the authorized requestor and new cardholder email address provided on the form. The cardholder will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID to receive their PSU ID Card, see below. All requests for cards will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission (Monday-Friday). All card requests expire after six months.

Contractor and Vendor Cards (first card OR replacement): $15

  • Temporary Contractors: Contact your PSU contract administrator to obtain authorization for ID cards.
  • Alumni: PSU ID Services does not issue Alumni ID cards.
  • Parking Tenants: If you are a PSU Parking tenant (Pacificorp, COP, BDS, DEQ) contact Transportation and Parking Services to authorize issuance of your PSU Tenant Key Card.
  • Facilities and Planning Offices: Contact Vickie Ellig ( Rie Anderson ( for approval of your request.
  • City of Portland Archives: Cards are requested by the city representative and issued to COP employees only. Contact your COP manager to request a key card.
  • PSU Housing Residents (Non-Students): Cards are requested by Housing and billed to your sponsor’s student account. Contact Housing and Residence Life to request a card.
  • KPSU Cards: Cards are requested by the program advisor and issued only to non-PSU students. If you are a Student or Faculty/Staff member, your PSU Key Card will be your KPSU Radio access card.
  • Helen Gordon Child Development Center (HGCDC): Cards are requested by HGCDC and issued to non-affiliated university patrons. If you are a Student or Faculty/Staff member, your PSU Key Card will be your Helen Gordon access card.

Valid Government Issued ID

All transactions require a valid government-issued photo ID. We do not accept high school ID cards as government issued proof of identity. If you wish to have your preferred name used on your university records and ID card, contact the Registrar's Office.

Acceptable documents to prove your current full legal name include:

  • An official government issued marriage certificate/license (signed by a government official and including a filed date, stamp, seal or other notation showing that the document has been filed with a government agency)
  • A record of Domestic Partnership issued by Oregon Vital Statistics signed by a government official with a stamp or seal showing the document has been recorded with the State Registrar
  • An out-of-state government issued record of Domestic Partnership signed by a government official with a stamp or seal showing the document was filed with the city, county or state agency responsible for registering Domestic Partnerships in that state
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued divorce decree, judgment of dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage decree, judgment of dissolution of domestic partnership, or annulment of domestic partnership
  • A government-issued death certificate of spouse, that includes a connection to your current full legal name (signed by a government official and including a stamp to show that the document has been filed)
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued adoption decree
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued legal name change decree
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued custody decree or guardianship decree
  • Oregon Driver License, Instruction Permit or ID Card
  • Canadian government issued birth certificate
  • Military ID card, Common Access card and Uniform Services ID & Privilege card (including all branches of military personnel and dependents, not including Merchant Marines)
  • Other U.S. state, U.S. territory, District of Columbia, Canadian or U.S. Department of State driver license, instruction permit or identification card
  • Oregon Concealed Weapon permit/Concealed Handgun license
  • Tribal identification card issued by a federally recognized tribe
  • Oregon County Community Corrections, U.S. Pretrial, U.S. District Court Probation Office, or Oregon Youth Authority proof of identification letter

Lost-and-Found ID Cards

ID Services process lost-and-found PSU ID cards. If you have lost other items, contact PSU Campus Public Safety. When we receive found cards, our office notifies the cardholder viatheir email address. Found cards are held for 30 days at the ID Services window, and then destroyed. All found cards must be picked up in person by the cardholder, who must present a valid government issued photo ID to claim their lost PSU ID card.

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